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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accountancy is much more than just fulfilling rules. It is an essential tool that allows you to analyse how your business is developing in order to foresee correction actions and investment decisions with a sound basis.

For successful companies, this kind of analysis is a must.

Being in possession of the proper data, in time, and in a way to swiftly understand its meaning, makes all the difference, gives you the margin for success you need.

This is the service Platinum offers you.

Prepared at Platinum offices or in your premises, our services directly connected to accounting and bookkeeping are:

  • Accounting
    basic accounting services including:
    • Monthly analysis designed to fulfil customer needs
    • Interpretation reports for monthly analysis tables
    • Year end analysis
    • Management suggestions connected to monthly and year end analysis
  • Budget Management
  • Invoicing, whenever needed
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