Platinum Systems - Soluções tecnológicas

A company dedicated to the development, implementation and management of technological solutions.

The Open Source philosophy is at its technological core and whenever possible it develops projects based on this robust, reliable, retro-compatible, secure and free commercial licensing technology.

It works, finds and develops technological solutions adapted to the performance needs and economic possibilities of its customers.

Highlights skills in website development, computer system security, networking and migration from Windows systems to Linux or hybrid solutions.

Invisible Design - Imagem e Comunicação

A DESIGN STUDIO, image, global communication, creativity, strategy, planning and action.

COMMITTED, objective, versatile and "invisible" …

Believes that the message comes first, with the suppression of redundancies and visual noise, increasing the readability and visibility of the contents. In this way, Design and Designer are invisible and communication is present at its maximum power and true function.

Works in partnership with customers with a close relationship. Communication work is a joint challenge in which the customer is involved in all stages of the project, sharing decisions, allowing more effective solutions and closeness to market and public targets, obtaining results with excellent returns.

Bets on an integrated approach. From the point of view of the proposed challenge, develops projects in all areas of communication using channels from the web to the most varied printed media.

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